Intervista a Genna Scarano – Fulbright ETA a Benevento

Abbiamo intervistato Genna Scarano in merito alla sua esperienza di Fulbright ETA (English Teaching Assistant) a Benevento. Here’s what she told us!


What brought you to your city/university/school in Italy? How long have you been here?
Hi! My name is Genna Scarano and, thanks to the Fulbright ETA program, I am currently living in Benevento, Italy, and teaching at Liceo Classico P. Giannone and I.I.S. Galilei-Vetrone. I arrived on October 1st, a little over a month ago!


Had you ever been in the South of Italy before?
My past experience in Southern Italy was a 2-week homestay with a family in Palermo, Sicily, back when I was in highschool. However, my great-grandfather was from Naples so I am very excited to be living in Campania and reconnecting with my roots.


How do you like your experience so far?
This past month in Benevento has been spectacular. My students are very eager for our lessons and bring creative energy to the classroom. Their first project was to give a presentation on one of the 50 states — and most of them had never heard of their state before! It is really exciting to see their knowledge of the U.S. growing with each lesson.

What’s one thing that may have surprised you about the habits and customs of the Italians you’ve come in contact with?
Something that surprised me was the legend of the witches of Benevento! On my first night in my apartment, my roommate explained that to keep bad spirits away there is a traditional custom to leave salt outside your door. I am eager to learn more about the historic witch presence in this city.