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Fulbright US Scholar Program to Italy - a.y. 2015-16

 Fulbright US Scholar Program to Italy - a.y. 2015-16


The Fulbright Scholar Program offers US scholars in all academic ranks, the opportunity to lecture and conduct research at Italian universities and research centers.


Awards aim at fostering the advancement of knowledge in scientific fields of global significance and in priority areas as identified in the scientific cooperation agreement between Italy and United States. Disciplines include Environmental Sciences, Sustainable Development, Law, Health Biotechnology, Business Administration, advanced specializations in the fields of Math and Sciences, Engineering. Awards are hosted at partner universities: LUISS Guido CARLI in Rome, University of Naples Parthenope, University of Trento and University of Udine


The Program also include awards in American Studies at the doctoral and research programs of the University of Naples L'Orientale, University of Venice Ca' Foscari, University of Rome La Sapienza and Roma Tre, aimed at contributing to American Studies in Italy.


The Program also offers open awards in all disciplines at Italian universities or institutions chosen by the candidates. Awards in all disciplines are assigned in all academic fields in the humanities, social sciences, sciences and the arts with a preference for projects in contemporary issues in Italy.



Potential Grant Activities include:

Teaching at the graduate level

Conduct research

Participate in or lead seminars or workshops at the host university and other universities in the city of destination

Consult on program and faculty development

Take part in specialized academic programs and conferences in conjunction with other scheduled activities

Develop academic curricula or educational materials


During the Fulbright grant, the scholar may be also invited to take part in academic meetings, conferences, seminars and other program-related activities organized by Italian or European universities, under the Fulbright Inter-Country Program ( ).




Grants offered for academic year 2015-16:

20 awards are offered for the academic year 2015-16. Grant activity and candidates' profiles are presented in award descriptions.


Fulbright Distinguished Chairs

Open to eminent US scholars, Distinguished Chairs awards are the most prestigious grants in the Fulbright Scholar Program. Fulbright Chairs are hosted at:


*         University of Naples Parthenope - Distinguished Chair in Environmental Sciences and Sustainable Development  (Award #5271)

*         University of Trento - Distinguished Chair in Law  (Award #5272)



Awards for Teaching and for Teaching and Research


*         Award in all disciplines Teaching or Teaching/Research at an Italian University chosen by the candidate (Award #5267)

*         Fulbright-Fondazione con il SUD  Award in all disciplines for Teaching/Research at one University in the South of Italy (Award #5276)

*         University of Venice Ca' Foscari - American Studies (Award #5268)

*         University of Rome La Sapienza and University Roma Tre - American Studies (Award #5269)

*         University of Naples L'Orientale - American Studies (Award #5270)

*         University of Trento - Math and Sciences  (Award #5280)

*         University of Trento – Engineering (Award #5274)

*         University of Udine  - Health Biotechnologies  (Award #5275)

*         Fulbright-LUISS University in Rome Award for one Research Lectureship in Business Administration (Award #5278)

*         Fulbright-LUISS University in Rome Award for one Junior Research Lectureship in Law (Award #5277)

*         Fulbright-Terra Foundation Award in the History of American Art (Award #5001)


Research awards


*         Junior Research in all disciplines  (Award #5265)

*         Research in all disciplines  (Award #5266)




Grant Benefits

Grant benefits include a maintenance allowance and a travel allowance to cover round-trip international travel. Maintenance allowance varies according to the award. The grantee will be covered by Health and Accident Insurance for the whole grant period, provided to participants in the Fulbright cultural exchange Program by the United States Department of State. The Fulbright Commission will assist the scholar in the visa application process.


 Grant Length


Grant duration ranges from 3 to 6 months, according to the award.



How to apply

Fulbright Scholar Awards to Italy are assigned through an annual competition administered at the national level in the US by the Council for International Exchange of Scholars - CIES in Washington DC, in collaboration with the Fulbright Commission in Italy. Potential candidates can apply online through CIES ( Information on the Fulbright US Scholar Program, catalogue of awards, eligibility requirements, tips, guidelines and resources for applying, review criteria, selection and competition timeline is available on CIES website at



Application period: the competition for US Scholars awards for academic year 2015-2016 will open on February 1, 2014 and end on August 1, 2014.